SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Climb the ranks

What's is SEO and why do you need it?

Your business is great, but people have to be able to find you and discover that you are open, . Your ranking on Google and your search engine reputation has a huge impact on how successful your business is going to be.

The higher your business appears on search engine rankings; the more exposure business will have. There is a fundemental difference in the success rate of those businesses who appear on page 1 of Google even in comparison to page 2.

Essentially the higher you appear on search engine rankings you will experience higher traffic to your site, increased map clicks and increased call volumes. 


A great way to visualise SEO

Imagine having a fantastic clothes business, and it is situated on the high street in a small town or village. The clothes are great, so great that everyone should know about them! Unfortunately due to its location, there is only so much footfall that is going to pass, and only a limited amount of people will get to see these clothes.

Now imagine being able to pick up your store and drop it in the right in the middle of Oxford-street London. All of a sudden, the vast numbers of footfall is going past, and people can see your fantastic clothing brand.

 Over time, that is the power of SEO. 

The Factors

We continuously keep up to date with all of Googles latest wants and needs and what we have to provide them with to make your website a success. We always operate with white hat SEO tactics. This means there is no corner-cutting and no tactics that are frowned upon by Google and result in punishments.

There are so many factors, too many explain on a single webpage, from local SEO, to on-page to off-page and more. Our step by step process below hopefully helps you understand it a little more.

Our step by step process explained

Extensive research and strategy

We get to understand your business, your market, your competitors and how you want to be found. We will use specialist software to scan and track your website's performance and also know how you are perceived externally. We can then benchmark this. From the knowledge that we gain, we can build out a strategy and roadmap to success!

Onsite and offsite work

There is likely to be lots of work to be done. This will happen both internally on your actual website and also offsite. Utilising our findings, we will work through the strategy that we have put in place.

Analysis and updating

We have one goal, improved SEO success. A higher representation in the ranks, Improved local listings and more. Throughout the process, our software will continuously be tracking your website's performance, your competitor's performance and advising on new and fresh opportunities.

We wont bore you with all the technical details

We know that what you are looking for is success: real numbers, real leads and increased revenues. SEO can achieve just that. There are so many technical factors and processes that we do to achieve this. If you do want to understand our full process, then contact us to find out more.